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Harbour rules

  • Going on the wooden walkway by any kinds of vehicles is forbidden!(bikes, skateboards, inliners and so on…)
    Exceptions are: wheelchairs, pushchairs, handcarts and vehicles of the harbour master)
  • It is not allowed to use different water sport items.
    Surfing and swimming in the harbour is not permitted. The harbour master may regulate exceptions.
  • Because of security reasons you are not allowed to enter the pier or to go fishing there!
  • Fishing from the wooden walkway and from the quay at the chalk bridge is forbidden!
  • We do video monitoring of the harbour area to heighten the safety of our guests!
  • You must not disturb the silence of the tourists in Wiek. From 10 o’clock p.m. to08.00 o’clock a.m. only guests of Hafendorf Wiek are allowed to enter the wooden walkway!
  • It is not permitted to feed birds or water animals in the harbour!
  • It is forbidden to throw things into the harbour basin!
  • You are not allowed to have a barbecue or to lighten a fire in the harbour area!
  • Do not pollute the harbour area!
  • It is forbidden to take away the rescue equipment or to use it unauthorized!
  • In an emergency case, at fire or any other danger the harbour master has to be informed immediately! Please call the harbour master if you note any destructions at the harbour equipment! Tel. +49(0)38391/934793
  • Parents are responsible for their children!